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From designing an inducible promoter to fabricating an adeno-associated virus for gene knock-down, Doulix offers you a complete set of tools for your synthetic biology application.

dsDNA Designer

From simple promoters to polycistronic operons, BIOMODULEs are the building blocks of DOULIX. Start designing now!

max length < 25kb

Plasmid Designer

Design your plasmid from scratch by assembling lab-validated BIOMODULEs or designing your own DNA parts.

Cloning Wizard

Upload your FASTA filend DOULIX will guide you through gene assembling process.

Import Construct

Import your plasmids, phagemids or any circular dsDNA vector into DOULIX and start working right away.

SureVector Plasmid Designer

Design your SureVector construct tapping on Agilent's collection of standard parts and access the power of combinatorial synthetic biology

pSEVA Wizard

Desing and validate your SEVA plasmid using hundreds of compatible parts and then seamlessly move to synthesis with DOULIX's algorithm.

max length < 15kb

CIDAR MoClo Level 0

Design your CIDAR MoClo part acceptor to be used for cloning of standardized genetic modules with MoClo cloning protocols

max length < 15kb


Import your FASTA, remove the MCS and create your custom backbone for your routine applications. Use it for all your DOULIX designs.

max length < 15kb

AAV Wizard

Design your AAV vector for gene therapy, knock-down studies and cell engineering. Browse our collection of tissue-specific promoters.

max length < 15kb