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Are you looking for an easy-to-use, flexible online platform fitted for your iGEM competition?
Just type in your BioBrick sequence or upload the FASTA file in DOULIX™. With DOULIX you can design, edit and validate your BioBricks free of charge.
You can even name your part with the registry number assigned to you by the iGEM committee! Get ready for the iGEM 2019 Jamboree

BioBrick designer

Create your personal BioBrick collection. Once you've done, you can choose to receive your BioBrick as double-stranded DNA or cloned into your vector of choice for only 0.12 euro/bp.
For iGEM 2019 teams, subcloning in pSB1C3 is free!

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Accepted inputs: A, C, G, T, W (weak: A, T), S (strong: C, G ), M (amino: A, C), K (keto: G, T), R (purine: A, G ), Y (pyrimidine: C, T), B (not A), D (not C), H (not G), V (not T), N (any basebase)
Blast BP: 0
Sequence and name fields will be overridden
By selecting the biosafety level corresponding to the project, customer confirms that (i) such classification is correct and accurate and (ii) that the customer has read, understood and accepted the biosafety confirmation.
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