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Your Toolkit for Synthetic Biology

Get Started, It's Free

1. Design

DOULIX allows you to design your synthetic biology construct by assembling standard biological parts called biomodules into multipartite plasmids. You can choose from our broad collection of public biomodules or create your custom sequence and assemble them into your vector of choice

2. Validate

DOULIX also helps you to avoid most common design flaws by guiding you through a step-by-step validation of your construct. Choose intended host and application and DOULIX will review your construct for consistency.

3. Synthesize

Fabricate your custom construct using the assembling technology of your choice. You can order your construct as ready-to-use or you can have individual biomodules to build it yourself, DOULIX will change accordingly to deliver you the perfect fragments.

Biomodule Collection

How many times have you heard that synthetic biology is all about standard biological parts? Now you can browse a collection of lab-tested biomodules and compose your custom plasmid.


Multiple Cloning Platform

You can now choose among multiple plasmid templates and cloning standards, such as Gibson or GoldenGate. Doulix will change accordingly and deliver you the perfect fragments to run your cloning protocol in house.


Synthesis starts at 0.12 €/bp

Whether you choose to buy a full-length construct or individual biomodules for in-house cloning, we will deliver you 100% sequence-perfect DNA. Get a no-obligation quote using the online quotation form within your online account.


Empowering synthetic biology

Biology is going through a radical paradigm shift over the last decade evolving from a qualitative/descriptive science to quantitative/engineering one. With DOULIX you can design custom construct with confidence choosing among hundreds of lab-tested biomodules and avoid most common design flaws using the validation wizard.

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