Create your Backbone

Automated routine cloning with custom vector backbones

Most of cloning work is done with a handful of vector backbones that harbors a selection marker and an origin of replication as minimal requirements. Those vector backbones are used time and again and are constantly updated and reviewed.
With DOULIX you can now create your custom backbone and use it for designing your synthetic constructs and if you update or revise your backbone, changes will be automatically propagated to all constructs that use that backbone.
To design your custom backbone, you shall first convert it to a linear dsDNA biomodule by removing the multiple cloning site (MCS) that is usually replaced by your gene of interest.


To create your custom backbone simply copy (or upload a .fasta) the DNA sequence from the 3’ restriction enzyme downstream the MCS to the 5’ restriction enzyme upstream the MCS. By doing this, you can use your custom backbone as any other biomodule to assemble your synthetic constructs.

Accepted inputs: A, C, G, T, W (weak: A, T), S (strong: C, G ), M (amino: A, C), K (keto: G, T), R (purine: A, G ), Y (pyrimidine: C, T), B (not A), D (not C), H (not G), V (not T), N (any basebase)
Blast BP: 0
Sequence and name fields will be overridden
By selecting the biosafety level corresponding to the project, customer confirms that (i) such classification is correct and accurate and (ii) that the customer has read, understood and accepted the biosafety confirmation.
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