Cloning Wizard

Harness the power of AI to assemble your construct

Just upload your complete sequence as .gb or .fasta format file and DOULIX will guide you through gene assembling process. You can choose to have your construct delivered as ready-to-use lyophilized sample or you can choose your cloning method of choice and DOULIX’s smart algorithm will compute the perfect fragments for you to run your assembly reaction in house.

Cloning Wizard

DOULIX’s smart algorithm now covers:

  • Scarless Overlap Assembly method for designing the optimal fragments to run any overlap-based assembly method, including GIBSON, SUREVECTOR and INFUSION
  • DNAmate Assembly method for designing the optimal fragments for combinatorial assembly based on the DNAmate protocol
  • SureVector Assembly method specifically designed for Agilent’s Surevector cloning and assembly
  • Golden Gate Assembly method designed to use BsaI type IIS restriction endonuclease to create custom overhangs
Once you've done with the fragments design, ask for a non-binding quote to receive dsDNA fragments starting from only 0.12 euro/bp.

By selecting the biosafety level corresponding to the project, customer confirms that (i) such classification is correct and accurate and (ii) that the customer has read, understood and accepted the biosafety confirmation.
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