Plasmid for the expression of a leucine zipper fused to a C-terminal portion of a split superpositive GFP. The plasmid should be used in combination with plasmid 4XO7GLX designed for the expression of the other half of a split GFP fused to another leucine zipper. In vivo and in vitro test with the two plasmids can be carried to verify leucine zipper interaction by GFP folding, due to proximity of the two split GFP halves.

  • Part ID CEKNJ86
  • Parent link 4XO7GLX - pDLX_6K100_His::NspGFP::Z
  • Name pDLX_3C100_Z::CspGFP
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  • Template DNAmate Level 1 template for protein expression
  • Collection ACDC project
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  • Author Dario Cecchi
  • Creation Date Wednesday 27 October 2021 15:39
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