Plasmid Designer

Create, annotate, mutate and share your synthetic constructs

DOULIX is the only bioCAD that allows you to design your synthetic biology constructs by either assembling standard biological parts (called BIOMODULEs ) or starting from scratch. DOULIX's plasmid designer combines the ease of use of pre-made BIOMODULEs with the power of a full-fledged sequence editor. With DOULIX's plasmid designer you have the freedom to operate at the level of complexity that is relevant to your objectives. That's abstraction delivered.
DOULIX's plasmid designer offers you:

  • a BASIC editing mode where you can choose from a broad collection of public BIOMODULEs
  • an ADVANCED editing mode where you can manipulate your sequence at nucleotide level
  • several lab-validated vector templates to start with
  • an advanced tool to check your construct for consistency
  • a Cloning Wizard to assist you in designing optimal fragments for your assembly protocol

New Construct from scratch

Finally, DOULIX is the only synbio app that allows you to move seamlessly from design to fabrication. You can order your construct as ready-to-use or you can have individual BIOMODULEs to build it yourself, DOULIX will adjust accordingly to deliver you the perfect fragments. You can now choose among multiple plasmid templates for a variety of applications (e.g. protein expression, gene transfer) and cloning standards (e.g. Gibson or GoldenGate). Whether you choose to buy a full-length construct or individual BIOMODULEs for in-house cloning, we will deliver you 100% sequence-perfect DNA.. Get a no-obligation quote using the online quotation form within your online account, synthesis starts at 0.12 euro/bp.

By selecting the biosafety level corresponding to the project, customer confirms that (i) such classification is correct and accurate and (ii) that the customer has read, understood and accepted the biosafety confirmation.
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