CIDAR MoClo Level 0

A step-by-step wizard to design your MoClo Level 0 construct

The MoClo system is comprised of three sets of cloning vectors (LEVEL 0, 1, or 2) which can be utilized in three successive assembly steps.

  • LEVEL 0 constructs are plasmids harbouring DNA basic parts (promoters, UTRs, coding sequences, terminators, etc).
  • LEVEL 1 constructs are the results of directionally assembly of compatible Level 0 constructs to yield a single transcriptional/translational unit (Ex: a promoter, 5’UTR, coding region, and terminator).
  • LEVEL 2 constructs are the result of the assembly of up to six level 1 constructs.
Unlike idempotence BioBrick RFC[10], MoClo cloning allows directional assembly of up to 8 DNA parts.

This tool allows you to easily design CIDAR MoClo LEVEL 0 constructs meant for standardized DNA parts (including promoters, 5′ untranslated regions, signal peptides, coding sequences, and terminators) to be used with MoClo cloning protocols.
Standardized DNA parts are flanked by IIS restriction sites (usually BsaI) and a specific 4bp hinge.
Design your CIDAR LEVEL 0 constructs by simply:
  1. upload your DNA part as .FASTA or directly type in the sequence,
  2. name your LEVEL 0 construct

CIDAR MoClo Level 0

DOULIX will assemble a CIDAR-compatible LEVEL 0 construct carrying your sequence and let you choose the upstream and downstream hinges. The power of CIDAR MoClo is just few clicks away, start immediately!
For further reference please refer to Iverson et al., ACS 2015

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Accepted inputs: A, C, G, T, W (weak: A, T), S (strong: C, G ), M (amino: A, C), K (keto: G, T), R (purine: A, G ), Y (pyrimidine: C, T), B (not A), D (not C), H (not G), V (not T), N (any basebase)
Blast BP: 0
Sequence and name fields will be overridden
By selecting the biosafety level corresponding to the project, customer confirms that (i) such classification is correct and accurate and (ii) that the customer has read, understood and accepted the biosafety confirmation.
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