SureVector Plasmid Designer

A step-by-step wizard to design your SureVector construct

SureVector is the latest innovation in next-generation cloning and combines a multipartite plasmid with a cutting-edge cloning protocol that enables the rapid and reliable assembly of tailor-made plasmids.
The Agilent SureVector vector is a multipartite plasmid that allows the assembly of 6-11 BIOMODULEs combining Agilent's standard DNA parts and custom genes. Agilent's standard DNA parts are extensively validated, each Agilent's standard DNA part is lab-verified to assemble perfectly into a functional vector.
Agilent's standard DNA parts include: bacterial selection markers, bacterial origins of replication, mammalian selection markers, promoters for yeast, mammalian and bacteria cells, and a variety of solubility/affinity tags. Agilent’s broad collection of standard DNA parts enables the creation of over 1 million different cloning vectors.

SureVector Plasmid Designer

Agilent 's SureVector cloning kit uses a unique enzyme mix that allows a gene-of-interest to be cloned into a fully customizable vector backbone in just 20 minutes. The SureVector single-tube reaction is virtually hands-free, making it the perfect choice for HT-cloning and automation. Just choose which modules to include, combine them in a single tube and transform into XL1-Blue Supercompetent cells.
DOULIX™ web interface unlocks the full potential of SureVector and allows you to configure any of the thousands of buildable vectors that are accessible with the set of DNA fragments available in the expansion kits.
Start immediately to design your custom plasmid for protein expression, functional studies and much more and harness the power of synthetic biology.

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