AAV packaging service serotype 1/2

SKU: SRN-AAV1/2 · Manufactured by: Sirion Biotech GmbH

Sirion Biotech’s viral particle packaging service delivers guaranted viral titer in as short as 4 weeks . Batches are quality controlled by the most stringent criteria including quantifying the number of AAV genome copies using real-time PCR.

Serotype 5 is particularly suited for:

  • Retina,
  • Central Nervous System, and
  • Lung.


Available tites:

High Titer

1×1013 GC/ml (± 10%)


1×109 GC/ml (± 10%)

Custom viral packaging service has never been easier with Doulix

You provide us with:

1ug lyophilized of your AVV custom vector

We deliver to you:

Titer guaranteed viral suspention in 1 ml (40% Iodixanol)

Do you need support to choose the right serotype? Get in touch with our application specialist through our chat bot or email to s.marletta at doulix dot com

Additional quality controls are available on request including:

  • endotoxin removal,
  • and sterility tests


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