SureVector enzyme mix

SKU: AGL-930261 · Manufactured by: Agilent Technology Inc.

The SureVector enzyme mix includes all of the buffers, enzymes, and nucleotides required to assemble up to 7 dsDNA fragments. Assembly of a plasmid takes only 20 minutes in a single-tube reaction. Total hands-on time including transformation is less than two hours.
The kit includes:

  • 1x SureVector Enzyme Mix (0,015ml - 15 rnx)
  • 1x 10X SureVector Buffer (0,3ml - 15 rnx)
  • 1x 5X SureSolution (0,1ml - 15 rnx)
  • 1x dNTP Mix (0,03ml - 15 rnx)
  • 1x DpnI (0,015ml - 15 rnx)