DNA preps services

SKU: DLX-1004 · Manufactured by: Doulix - Double Helix Technologies

Doulix plasmid preparation services provide high-quality plasmids from microgram- to milligram-scale with reliable and fast turnaround times to accommodate tight deadlines. Speed, flexibility, and quality of DNA obtained are critical factors for any plasmid DNA prep service.

Whether ordering standard plasmid preps for cloning, transformation, or in vitro experiments, or transfection-grade plasmid preps for cell culture and other endotoxin-sensitive applications, Doulix is the vendor of choice.

Available size and purificaty grades:

  • Small scale 1ug, Research grade
  • Medium scale 10ug, Research grade
  • Large scale 500ug, Transfection Grade
  • Extra large scale 5mg, Transfection Grade
Pre-clinical/Clinical Grade purity is available on request for extra-large preps.


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