Doulix X-cards

SKU: XCard · Manufactured by: Doulix - Double Helix Technologies

Doulix pre-paid X-cards are the fastest and simplest way to access the full range of Duolix services and reagents. X-cards are pre-paid, rechargeable and sharable.

Doulix X-cards are pre-paid cards that allow you to consolidate your budget. You can use your Doulix X-card to comfortably order the full range of Doulix services and reagents.

Enjoy all the benefits

  • Purchase only once, place as many orders as you want
  • Simplify accounting with only one invoice
  • Discounts locked all throughout 2021
  • Consolidate your research funds
  • Always up-to-date balance overview
  • Share credit with teammates
  • Re-charge it anytime
You can use X-cards to pay for any Doulix services, including DNA synthesis, subcloning, sequencing and benchtop reagents.

Choose your X-card Size

X-card S X-card M X-card L
DNA synthesis 0.12 euro/bp 10% discount 20% discount
Subcloning 42 euro/rnx 10% discount 20% discount
Reagents -- 10% discount 20% discount
Shipping -- -- Free of charge to EU
Minimum value 2.500 euro 5.000 euro 10.000 euro


Cell Engineering Media and Cell culture Cell Strains Enzymes DNA prep Oligo/Primers/Probes