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pSB1C3 Backbone

pSB1C3 is a high copy number plasmid (RFC [10]) carrying chloramphenicol resistance. The replication origin is a pUC19-derived pMB1 (copy number of 100-300 per cell). pSB1C3 has terminators bracketing its MCS which are designed to prevent transcription from inside the MCS from reading out into the vector. The efficiency of these terminators is known to be < 100%. Ideally we would construct a future set of terminators for bracketing a MCS that were 100% efficient in terminating both into and out of the MCS region. pSB1C3 is the designated Registry shipping plasmid backbone. All submissions for iGEM competitions must be submitted using pSB1C3. This BioBrick is provided by the iGEM Registry, an open community that runs and grows on the "Get & Give (& Share)" philosophy. All iGEM Registry sequences are provided for research use only and the iGEM Registry provides no warranty or guarantees the fitness for any particular purpose. Important disclaimer: This Biomodule was not validated by DOULIX and DOULIX provides no warranty or guarantees the fitness for any particular purpose. DOULIX provides no warranty or guarantees that the sequence and the use of thereof are free from any infringement of any third-party patents or other third-party proprietary rights.

  • Part ID 62PCXL1
  • Name pSB1C3 Backbone
  • Alternative Name iGEM shipping backbone
  • Version -
  • Division -
  • Parent Sequence -
  • Collection iGEM
  • Part Status Valid
  • Public check_circle_outline
  • Certified check_circle_outline
  • Length 2070
  • Source Strain E. coli
  • Suitable for
  • Registry Code -
  • Contains
  • Created by iGEM
  • Created at Thursday 07 February 2019 09:21
  • Last Edit Friday 08 February 2019 11:35