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Universal primer pBM_RV1.1

Manufactured by: Doulix - Double Helix Technologies

Cat. no: 6V7CQO

Universal reverse amplification primer to be used with any fragment computed by Doulix's AI for Golden gate methods, including pSEVA, MoClo Level 0, DNAmate and generic goldengate

  • location_city Doulix - Double Helix Technologies
  • local_shipping 3 working days
  • From: € 10

SureVector enzyme mix

Manufactured by: Agilent Technology Inc.

Cat. no: AGL-930261

The SureVector enzyme mix includes all of the buffers, enzymes, and nucleotides required to assemble up to 7 dsDNA fragments. Assembly of a plasmid takes only 20 minutes in a single-tube reaction. Total hands-on time including transfo…

  • location_city Agilent Technology Inc.
  • local_shipping 5 working days
  • From: € 210

E. coli Express Cell

Manufactured by: Explora Biotech Srl

Cat. no: EXP-6002

Explora's chemically-competent E.coli Express cells are an all-purpose strain for high-level protein expression and easy induction. This BL21-derived strain can be used for non-T7 constitutive promoters such as Plac, Ptac, Ptrc ParaBA…

  • location_city Explora Biotech Srl
  • local_shipping 5 working days
  • From: € 96

Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1-Step

Manufactured by: SGI-DNA, Inc.

Cat. no: SGI-GA1100

Gibson Assembly efficiently joins multiple overlapping DNA fragments in a single-tube isothermal reaction. The Gibson Assembly Master Mix performs three different enzymatic activities in a one-pot reaction: single-st…

  • location_city SGI-DNA, Inc.
  • local_shipping 5 working days
  • From: € 88