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pDLX_6K2_standard family of plasmids is designed to measure in vivo the strength of promoters, RBSs and terminators. This construct is designed to expresses Tannen RFP under the control of T7 promoter from bacteriophage T7.

  • Part ID MLWF2YV
  • Parent link QDYFOEY - pDLX_6K2_standard
  • Name pDLX_6K2_T7_standard
  • Version -
  • Division SYN
  • Template DNAmate Level 1 template for protein expression
  • Collection LIAR project
  • Part Status Valid
  • Public check_circle_outline
  • Certified check_circle_outline
  • Length 5755
  • Author Explora Biotech
  • Creation Date Monday 10 June 2019 09:26
  • Latest Update Monday 12 August 2019 04:27
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Explora Biotech