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L3S2P21 strong synthetic terminator

The L3S2P21 terminator is a strong synthetic terminator. This terminator was selected from a library of synthetic Escherichia coli intrinsic (? factor?independent) terminators. Intrinsic terminators consist of a simple motif in the nascent transcript: a short RNA hairpin followed by a U-rich sequence (U-tract), both of which are required for efficient termination. The terminator library was built up by combining different hairpins and U-tracts with the intent of determining the effects of each parameter on terminator strength. Terminator strength was determined from a simple assay that compares the expression of two fluorescent reporters, one placed before and one after the terminator (Chen et al. 2013).

  • Part ID K1GZ0N
  • Name L3S2P21 strong synthetic terminator
  • Alternative Name -
  • Version -
  • Division -
  • Parent Sequence -
  • Collection -
  • Part Status Valid
  • Public check_circle_outline
  • Certified highlight_off
  • Length 61
  • Source Organism Other/Unknown/Synthetic
  • Suitable for
    • E. coli
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  • Contains
  • Created by Explora Biotech
  • Created at Thursday 05 January 2017 16:42
  • Last Edit Thursday 05 January 2017 16:42
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